Your Questions Answered

Am I legally obliged to have my lift maintained?

Yes. Regulations imposed by The Health and Safety at Work Act mean that you are required to keep your lift in safe working order. This means you must arrange for regular maintenance of your lift.

Can Express Elevators service and maintain my lift?

Yes. Express Elevators can service and maintain all makes and types of lifts. As full members of LEIA (Lift & Escalator Industry Association), we have a supply agreement with all member companies, for the supply of replacement parts.

How often should I have my lift serviced?

The frequency of service visits depends on the type of lift you have, the number of floors served and the level and type of use to which it is subjected. Express Elevators will advise you on the recommended visit intervals for your lift. Servicing is about preventative maintenance, i.e. more service visits should result in a more reliable lift and in lower running costs in the medium to long term.

What does an Express Elevators service visit involve?

During a service visit, our engineer will check the safety features on the lift, as well as cleaning, lubricating and adjusting all components for optimum performance. Should any minor repairs be required these would be carried out at the time of the service visit. A report stating the work carried out, detailing any comments, such as suggested repairs or works of improvement not covered by the contract will be presented for a signature and a copy of the worksheet left on site.

Will my lift be out of action while an inspection or service is taking place?

Yes. The engineer will need to check many items within the shaft and motor room and the lift will, therefore, be unavailable while the engineer is on site.

Can Express Elevators service and maintain other lift equipment?

Yes. Express Elevators can service and maintain Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts, Escalators, Dumbwaiters, Stairlifts, Platform Lifts, and Hoists.


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