5 Year Parts
Warranty Available

Local Authority
Approved Supplier

Rental Option

Supplied & Fitted
from £1299

To order your stairlift today
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  • Joystick

    Easy to use ‘soft feel’ joystick

  • Swivel

    Swivel feature to turn the chair at the top of the staircase

  • Seatbelt

    Seatbelt provides maximum security

Live an active and independent life with the help of StairGlide from Express Elevators. StairGlide is an attractive and discrete addition to your home, elegantly blending into your home and always ready to use.

Fantastic! I can go on my own to the bathroom and I still have my dignity. If I hadn't invested in a StairGlide, I would have moved to a bungalow.

Mrs Kay - West Yorkshire


Straight stairlifts supplied and fitted nationwide

5 year parts warranty available*


Our curved stairlifts are reliable, easy to use and designed to navigate any staircase

5 year parts warranty available*


Reconditioned units are available from as little as £950.00

12 months parts warranty*


Rent a stairlift for as little as

£10 per week

New & reconditioned units available


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