Scenic & Bespoke


Special care is taken in the design and manufacture of the panoramic lifts. Due to the unlimited design flexibility and the wide selection of materials, panoramic lifts are tailor made to meet the individual requirements of each project and ensure harmony with the building’s architecture.


The Bespoke range offers unlimited choices of finishes for both wall and floor materials. This allows you to specify an aesthetic appearance for your new lift that matches your building style.
Choose from a wide variety of high-quality interior materials. Any combination of wall, floor and ceiling materials are available, allowing you to match any lobby design. Interiors are easily customised, enabling unique cars to be designed with features such as custom etching patterns in stainless steel, specific types of wood and other materials of your choice.
In addition, the bespoke range can be supplied without interior decor to allow you to customise the lift interior materials to meet your individual requirements.


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