Hydraulic MRL Passenger Lifts


The Express Hydro MRL is a pioneering concept, combining the well-known advantages of a quality hydraulic lift, with the elimination of the requirement for a machine room.

The advantages of the Hydraulic MRL :

  • Type Examination Certificate according to Directive 95/16 EC
  • Travel up to 20m / 8 stops for 630 Kg, 25m / 10 stops for 1000 Kg
  • Controller installed at the lowest landing level
  • Optional use of a soft starter
  • Environment-friendly (compatible with certified biodegradable hydraulic oil)
  • Only 1100 mm min. pit depth for 630 Kg, 1200 mm for 1000 Kg
  • With minimized shaft dimensions suitable for new construction and modernization
  • Available with various cabin sizes and panoramic cabins
  • Reduced installation time
  • A solution of superior value

Hydraulic Elevation System:

  • Manufactured with high quality materials that secure long life span
  • Installation and service friendly parts
  • High levelling and stopping accuracy according to pr EN 81.70 that provides ride quality
  • Minimum maintenance requirements, low maintenance costs and readily available spare parts
  • Compatible also with biodegradable and non flammable oil

Controller- Electronics:

  • The controller is placed at the lowest stop, next to the landing door and outside the shaft.
  • Easy access to the controller
  • Available with standard Automatic Emergency Evacuation

Valve block - Power unit:

  • The power unit is placed in the shaft
  • Through the "Moving Valve Block" concept, access to the valve block is as easy as it gets!

The Complete System is offered with:

  • Automatic doors with VVVF operator
  • Side opening and central opening doors, available in various finishings
  • Various cabins in attractive designs available
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Hydraulic MRL Passenger Lifts Specification

USAGE Passengers Goods/Passengers (Light/Medium) Disabled Persons
ADVANTAGES"Premium ride quality (electr.valve) 1550mm wide shaft for 1100mm wide car Insensitive to load & temperature High energy efficiency"
RATED LOADS (Persons/kg)6/450 8/630 13/1000
MAXIMUM TRAVEL20 (450kg) / 20 (630kg) / 25 (1000kg)
MAXIMUM STOPS8 (450kg) / 8 (630kg) / 10 (1000kg)
CAR SPEED (m/s)0.63
MOTOR TYPE (DRIVE)Hydraulic Electronic
PIT DEPTH (Minimum)1100 (max 630kg) / 1200
HEADROOM (Minimum)3400
DDA COMPLIANCE450kg and above (optional)
Hydraulic MRL Passenger Lifts Specification Diagram


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